Royal Wedding Tube Strike – Mayor Shocked!

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The Aslef drivers Union have announced their plans to stage yet another Tube Strike. This time they picked a day on which over 1 million people will be traveling to the Royal Wedding.

The Tube Strike proposed for the 29th of April falls on the day Prince William and Kate Middleton plan to be wed. The latest threats of industrial action seemed to be designed to embarrass London Underground who recently to attempted to take legal action against the Aslef union before the Christmas and Boxing day tube strikes.

The industrial action is in response to the recent boxing day dispute in which train drivers demand triple pay and a day in lieu for working on bank holidays. Read more about the pay dispute here

Tube drivers currently earn a normal daily rate of £165, if the triple pay demands are met an average driver will earn £495 per shift instead and a day in Lieu.

The latest bout of tube strikes are embarrassing for the London transport system and are likely to disrupt the Royal wedding. Spectators are to line the route between Buckingham Palace and Westminister Abbey – London Underground said they will ensure good service.

London Mayor  Boris Johnson said ”I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of sensible Tube drivers will treat this suggestion in exactly the same way that London’s firefighters treated the suggestion that they should go on strike on Bonfire Night. I’m frankly amazed that Aslef’s bosses are seriously proposing to go on on strike on April 29″

News of the Royal Wedding tube strike  angered Downing Street, David Cameron’s spokesman said ”Any such plans will be seen as a cynical attempt to undermine a day of national celebration”

These tube strikes look to undermine London as millions of people from around the world tune in to watch the royal wedding.

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Yet another Tube Strike RMT Union order a walkout: January 2011

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It was recently announced the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will stage yet another tube strike this January. Several more tube strikes are anticipated in 2011

The 24 hour January tube strike was proposed for the 14th of January and will affect the Northern Line depot at Morden and Bakerloo Line bases at Queen’s Park and Elephant and Castle.

They are disputing what they believe to be an unfair dismissal of a driver – the union members previously walked out because of this issue on the 18th of Decmber 2010. Read more here:

Despite the effort of the RMT union the 18th December tube strike saw minimal disruption with most services running as normal. London Underground commented the bad weather and heavy snowfall was the main reason for most delays.

London has become the victim of several tube strikes over the last 6 months, it doesnt look like London Underground and the unions will be coming to any agreement soon. Howard Collins, London Undergrounds managing directos commented the tube strikes are “outrageous” and show “complete disregard” for London’s passengers.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Instead of harassing our members and activists on trumped-up charges, the London Underground management should be directing their energies into reaching a settlement to the ongoing disputes over Tube safety and safe staffing levels.”

The strikes, if they go ahead, will start at 9pm on Friday the 14th of January.

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2011 tfl tube strikes may be on the way in January

Posted by admin Web Hosting Wednesday 5 January 2011 3:38 pm

There may yet be another strike on the Tubes in London.

There have been talks of the first 2011 Tubes Strikes to hit London travellers in January 2011. The January tube strikes are expected to last for 3 days and bring further disruption to the transport system.

It was hoped Boris Johnson, London Mayor would be pushing through legislation to prevent such industrial action but recent legal efforts on behalf of Transport for London have the fruitless. The strike could cause more problems for the already struggling economy.

Recent VAT hikes together with freezing weather conditions and poor holiday sales have left many retailers suffering in the financial crisis. The boxing day sales were disrupted by a series of tube strikes by Aslef union drivers which was estimated to have cost the economey millions.

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Tube Strike Stories

Posted by admin Web Hosting Wednesday 29 December 2010 9:00 am

Just a quick post to thank our readers for their e-mails about the tube strike and how the latest round of tube strikes have affected them.

The boxing tube strike affected thousands of holiday travellers heading to the football and boxing day sales. London Underground report almost all lines were affected

We are interested in hearing your stories…

- how have the tube strikes affected you?
- Whose side are you on?
- Are you a train driver or part of the unions?
- What are your views on the proposed 3 day January tube striketube strike handshake will be opening a forum for dicussion in the coming weeks in a bid to bring the views and opinions of Londons travellers into dicussions. All to often the unions neglect the public and lack of information or misinterpretation in the media is giving Londons transport system a bad image in the media.

We invite workers on the London Underground to share their problems and give the public a better understanding of why this is happening.

Please send your thoughts and views about the Tube Strikes to our team via the ‘Contact’ link to the left or please leave your thought via the ‘Leave a comment’ link below.

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Boxing Day Tube strike confirmed – Courts and Boris fail

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The Boxing Day Tube strike will continue as planned.

London Underground failed in their attempt to block the Boxing Day tube strike as proposed by the Aslef Union and its 3,200 tube drivers.

London Underground announced they have not been told why the injunction had been rejected. The courts have said they will elaborate on the details behind the decision later today.

The Tube strike proposed in response to a pay row is estimated to affect millions of Boxing day shoppers and Football goers this weekend.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said “All it succeeds in doing is alienating Londoners, stopping people from going about their jobs, impeding our great city from leading the country, as it will, out of an economic recession.”

The Aslef Union demand triple pay for its drivers and a day in Lieu for working on the bank holiday despite having signed an agreement in which it is stated drivers are compensated for bank holiday hours within their basic package.
Aslef spokesman Steve Grant said: “People in the supermarkets and retail sector are being paid triple time. Bankers are being given big bonuses. Why can’t we be rewarded as well?” This contradicts the signed 1996 agreement indicating drivers are happy to work without bonuses.

The Mayors words go out to the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) who staged several tube and rasil strikes earlier in the year and are set to walk out in a further 3 day strike in January 2011. In his festive message the mayor also acknowledged the hard work of all of the transport workers and thanked them for the level of service throughout the year.

London Underground has pledged to keep as many services open as possible this holiday weekend.

Travel News:

- Bakerloo line will be running a reduced frequency service between Elephant & Castle and Queens Park.
- The Central line will run a limited service between Hainault and Ealing Broadway.
- The Circle and Hammersmith & City lines wil run a reduced serivce from Hammersmith to Kings Cross only.
(Pre-planned closures of the Hammersmith & City line between Kings Cross and Barking for engineering works are still in place).
- The District line will run two limited shuttle services between Acton Town to High Street Kensington and Parsons Green to Edgware Road.
- The Jubilee line will run a reduced service between Wembley Park and Green Park.
- Northern line will be running three limited shuttle services from Morden to Stockwell, Edgware to Golders Green and High Barnet to East Finchley.
- The Metropolitan line will be closed.
- The Piccadilly and Victoria lines should be running a reduced services to all stations.

London Underground Managing Director Mike Brown said in his statement: “This strike threat is beyond belief” and “It is obviously not the season of goodwill for the leadership of Aslef.”

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Let us know how the tube strike is affecting you…

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London Underground Seek injunction against Boxing day tube strikes

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London Underground have announced they will take legal action if the boxing day tube strike’s continue.

Aslef – the drivers unions who control over 3,200 tube drivers confirmed following the failure of agreement talks (see the article below) yesterday that they will indeed continue wioth the proposed 24 hour boxing day tube strike as earlier proposed.

Trabsport for London have said they will go to court this afternoon in a bid to prevent the latest round of tube strikes. They argue Aslef have signed an agereement confirming they will work on boxing days. Representatives of Aslef including Steve Grant, Aslef’s London district organiser argue the 1996 agreement is out of date. He said: “we were then working one in five Bank Holidays. We are now working all of them, all the time.”

A spokesmen commented that Aslef union representatives walked out of talks at Acas and have ignored all negotiation efforts on the part of London Underground. Aslef is demanding triple pay together with a day in Lieu for boxing day drivers.

An Aslef spokesman said: “We are disappointed that, instead of trying to resolve the dispute, LU is taking the legal route.

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The Boxing day Tube strike has been confirmed

Posted by admin Web Hosting Thursday 23 December 2010 10:18 am

The boxing day tube strike has been confirmed following the failure of yesterdays talks between Aslef union Bosses and London Underground.

The tube strike will last 24 hours and Aslef have ordered their 3,200 drivers to walkout on boxing day following a row over bank holiday pay.

The tube strikes are likely to affect boxing day sales in the westend which will have a devistating effect on the retail economey at a time when Britains growth level has been downgraded threatening to put us back into recession.

Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “Boxing Day is a key trading date for the retail and hospitality industries and they will lose millions of pounds if Aslef hold London to ransom with their unreasonable pay demands.”

Aslef demand that in addition to the £45,000 opay their drivers are already recieveing they also be given three days pay and a day off in liue for working on Monday and Tuesday which they claim are bank holidays given Christmas will fall on the weekend this year.

London Underground protests the latest tube strike saying Aslef are breaking previous agreement in which they say drivers are already compensated for working bank holidays. The 1996 agreement is argued to be out of date by Alef union members. Steve Grant, Aslef’s London district organiser; said: “we were then working one in five Bank Holidays. We are now working all of them, all the time.”

The Boxing day tube strike is anticipated to have the worst effect on travellers from essex
London Underground may resort to Legal action to prevent the latest round of Tube strikes to hit London.

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Please feel free to leave your comments about the tube strike below.

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18th December Tube Strike’s

Posted by admin Web Hosting Saturday 18 December 2010 1:22 pm

Yet another tube strike makes travelling for Londoners a nightmare on the weekend before Christmas.

The Bakerloo Line is suspended following a strike over a disagreements over staff disciplinary. The 24 hour suspension follows yesterdays walkout, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union are contesting the disciplinary action for one colleague and the dismissal of another. The RMT general secretary Bob Crow says the action was in response to “victimisation on the grounds of trade union activity”. It is believed just 42 union members voted for strike action in the ballot of a total of 119 balloted.

London Underground revealed the tube strikes by the RMT is “in defence of  a driver who has been dismissed for a serious safety breach”. The decision for dismissal was appealed but later confirmed by London Underground.

The RMT released this statement after the announcement of the latest tube strike:  “Eamon Lynch, RMT Bakerloo Line drivers’ health and safety rep, has been sacked by LU and although he remains on full pay following the union’s victory on Eamon’s behalf at an ‘interim relief’ Employment Tribunal hearing the company has shown total contempt for the tribunal process and have upheld his sacking. Eamon has an unblemished 15 year service record on the Underground and has been very clearly victimized for his role as an RMT activist despite management’s bogus claims that they sacked him following an ‘operational incident’.”

This latest tube strike together with the arctic weather conditions in London affecting the roads and rail services is making travelling quite difficult on the last shopping weekend before Christmas.

The Northern Line is also affected by the latest Tube strikes with many drivers walking out. The Barkerloo line is worse affected and is anticipated to affect travellers late into the night.

London Underground expressed their concern for travellers saying they are “committed to running as many trains as possible”. This weekend sees an influx of visitors to London for various Christmas parties, shopping and seasonal events. The latest round of tube strikes are likely to affect business who have hired additional staff.

London Underground have said no trains will be active Harrow and Wealdstone and Queens Park stations but they will add more stations if staff became available throughout the day. A partial service will be operational from Queens Park south to Elephant and Castle. London Overground will be running a full Saturday service between Euston and Watford.

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Boxing Day Tube Strike: Boxing Day Strike Confirmed

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London will endure yet another tube strike this boxing day.

The boxing day tube strike was proposed by London tube drivers in following a row over pay. The overwheling 9-1 majority from the  London Midland Trains and drivers on Arriva Trains Walesvoted in favour of the boxing day tube strike.

The latest proposed tube strikes are anticipated to cause massive disruption to Christmas travellers and holiday shoppers this boxing day. The previous tube strikes proposed by the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and the Transport Salaried Staffs  (TSS) Association disrupted the journeys of millions of commuters.

boxing day tube strike

The tube strike set for the 26th of December is the result of a row for triple pay. London Underground will strike for 24 hours on boxing day, Transport for London estimate the strike will  affect over one million Boxing day shoppers.  London Midland will be affected by the industrial action  for 24 hours  on december the 23rd of December - affecting and estimated 140,000 passengers.

Transport for London (TFL) say’s they have had a long standing agreement with staff that boxing day will be treated as any other day. The trade unions including Aslef however are demanding triple pay to continue working. They argue the 27th and 28th of December are bank holidays this year as Christmas day and Boxing day fall on the weekend. Many city workers have the 27th and 28th off as bank holidays and Train conductors believe they are being cheated out of £50 wages.

Rail services on the Airedale line could also be in jeopardy as Northern Rail train conductors vote for industrial action. Tube bosses argue drivers earn upto £45,000 per year inclusive of flat rate bank holidays.

These latest boxing day tube strikes are likely to hurt boxing day sales in the capital which could lead to a dismal end to an already difficult financial year for many retailers. The last Tube strike took place on a weekday and was estimated to have cost the capital $46 million – estimates for the cost of the boxing day tube strike are yet to be revealed.

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Posted by admin Web Hosting Sunday 5 December 2010 8:25 am aims to bring together all the information you need to navigate the next tube strike with ease. The recent tube strikes have caused massive disruption to London’s transport system – putting heavy burdens on our roads, buses and taxis whilst making commuters lives a hell. Although transport for London has endeavoured to help commuters reach their destinations the lack of information and communication has made travelling in London during the tube strike a horrendous experience.

Tube Strike

It’s a shame that the London Underground and Tube system be held to ransom for the views of a few while hundreds of thousands of people suffer and as a direct result the greater economy of the UK loses millions. In the most recent tube strike 11,000 members of TSSA and RMT unions; from drivers and station staff joined in industrial action – nothing was resolved and nothing was achieved.

This site aims to ease the costs of these all too common tube strikes bringing you information about the strike so you can be better prepared.

Please add to your favourites and recommend it to your friends and colleges so they to can navigate the next tube strike with better ease and convenience.

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